Mercantile Timeshare Claims – Terms and Conditions

Mercantile Claims Management Solutions Ltd Registered Office Address: Onyx House, 12 Phoenix Business Park, Birmingham, B7 4NU. Our main trading Address is Unit 2, Marlin Office Village, 1250 Chester Road, Birmingham, B35 7AZ. Our Company Reg number is 10419677.

Any agreement for the recovery of monies is between you and Mercantile Claims Management Solutions Ltd (hereinafter referred to as “Mercantile Claims”);

Upon signing an agreement with Mercantile Claims you confirm your instructions to engage the services of Mercantile Claims to undertake the recovery of the monies you have paid in respect of your timeshare/holiday club membership/points scheme from your credit provider.

You understand that in consideration of the work undertaken in recovering the aforementioned monies you agree to irrevocably pay a fixed percentage of all monies recovered on your behalf to Mercantile Claims. You further understand that no fee will be payable by you should Mercantile Claims fail to obtain a settlement on your behalf.

You agree to be bound by this agreement and further agree not to accept settlement from any other source whilst this agreement is in force with Mercantile Claims.

You understand that you have an obligation under this agreement to assist Mercantile Claims in their negotiations and communications with your credit provider. You are required to disclose to Mercantile Claims all written and verbal correspondence relating to this matter and will co-operate fully throughout the duration of my/our claim.

You understand that if you obstruct Mercantile Claims in carrying out their duties or employ or negotiate this matter yourself or engage a third party without Mercantile Claims’s prior consent you may be in breach of your agreement and may be liable for their reasonable fees.

Mercantile Claims reserve the right to claim the same percentage agreed with Mercantile Claims of any amount that may be recovered either by you or any third party you seek to instruct to act as your agent or representative, should this agreement be breached in any way whatsoever and without the consent of Mercantile Claims.

You understand that you may also incur the cost of obtaining your bank and or credit statements, if you do not have copies.

Mercantile Claims will not accept any offer settlement without your prior consent, subject to you being advised upon what is reasonable by Mercantile Claims.