Greensprings Vacation Resort


Boy this place missed the mark

We went here for my birthday the weekend of March 2-4, 2018. My wife surprised me and made the purchase through Groupon.

As we drove in, the grounds looked excellent and we were very excited.

When we got to the Welcome Center, the young lady who checked us in was very nice. As we were leaving, they tried to make us commit to a tour of the facility. We were not interested and they let it alone for the time being. We had a hard time finding our building because they were not very well marked and it was dark. Once we found the building, we had to climb to the third floor. There was no one in the first or second floor, so we were a little less than thrilled. The carpet in the lobby was extremely worn and stained.

The wallpaper was marked, torn, and coming off the wall in several places. We were a little dumbfounded. Why would you put customers in a poorly maintained condo unit and stick them on the third floor if you were trying to sell them a membership? It got worse.

We went into the condo and it was a little odd. The furnishings were dated and used. The counters were laminate and the floor was scratched up linoleum. I realize that this was a $69 room, but the place billed itself as a four star resort. We have traveled a lot and stayed a variety of places and this room looked and had the feel of a three star hotel. The place also listed a fireplace, but when we arrived it was a mock fireplace that did not offer heat only “atmosphere”.

To be honest, it offered very little of that. Anyway…We had dinner plans so we started getting ready. My wife turned on the sink in the master bath and she heard a noise like running water. She called to me and I was greeted by a torrential flood on the bathroom floor.

The sink was broken and leaking all over the floor. We used our towels to clean the mess. We called the front desk and they referred us to maintenance. It took about a half an hour and a nice gentleman showed-up and checked the sink. He stated that it was broken and that they could fit it once they went back to the shop and picked one up. Since we were going out, I told the guy to fix it in the morning. He asked what time I wanted it fixed and I told him anytime before 12:00 would be fine since we had people coming at that time. He said he would call at 8:30 and be there before 11:00.

We received the phone call at 12:00 saying they would be on their way shortly. When I asked the lady why someone wasn’t there earlier as we had requested and why no one called, she said that we had requested the call at 12:00. I explained to her that I had spoken to someone at the front desk and confirmed the previous agreed to information.

She said she didn’t know anything about that. Obviously, communication was not their forte. I told her never mind and said that they could fix it after we left. As we left, I stopped by the office again and voiced my displeasure over the mistake. They told me that a manager would call me.

As I was leaving, I asked the concierge workers if they knew where the Greensprings Interactive Trail was located. They had no idea and made no effort to find out. We later found out that the trail was not on the property, it was two minutes up the road and apparently everyone knew where it was except the concierge people. A man who might have been a manager did come out and try to offer some help, but by that time I was a little irritated and said never mind.

The manager did call and say he was sorry and that people lost their jobs over problems like this. He was going to check into it and call me back. He never did. When we returned from hiking, the phone in the room rang and we assumed it was the manager. It wasn’t.

It was the sales team offering me a fantastic additional four nights for the low price of $149. My laughter probably offended him.

I finally composed myself enough to tell him we were not interested. The final nail in the coffin occurred when we were checking out. Check out time was 10:00. We were loading up the car around 9:20.

When we tried to go back in the unit, the key would no longer work and we were locked out. Luckily a nice couple had taken the unit below us and they heard us banging and reopened the main door.

After that, we propped open the doors and finished loading out. We have stayed in a lot of so-so places in our time, but we have never stayed in a place that billed itself as a nice resort that was so disappointing.